INPRO sofa tent

Olpro changes name and launches Sofa Tent


OLPRO decided its brand name was not working in the outdoor leisure market. Instead, the retailer is now targeting the indoor market, which its management team believes is their future. 

With their new name, INPRO, the Worcestershire-based company launched its first indoor product, on the 1st April 2020. The new ‘Sofa Tent’ results from their extensive experience with outdoor products and years of sitting about at home.

Camp in comfort inside

Bringing the best of both worlds together, the Sofa Tent means you never have to camp in discomfort again. You don’t even have to leave the house.

Their decision to re-brand to INPRO has its origins in 2017 when the company launched its ‘Double-Decker’ tent. The tent was an instant sell-out success, so much so that nobody’s ever seen one on a campsite since its launch.

Coincidental launch date

INPRO founder, Daniel Walton, said: 

“We understand our customers around the UK might consider it strange we’ve rebranded on April Fools’ Day, however, this is purely coincidental.”

“To our credit, this is a move I don’t think any of our competitors will have seen coming. There’s a saying in life that ‘as one door closes, another one opens’, and we have firmly shut the door leading to the back garden and opened one that leads to the lounge.”

It’s a bold decision to rebrand and to bring out products you can’t buy. The industry awaits INPRO’s next indoor product with eager anticipation. What will it be? A tent with a cellar? Or, a never-ending awning?

The company has yet to update its website to the new name. That’s probably wise.

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