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Rent a tent for camping: Olpro launches tent rental service


Anyone looking to rent a tent for camping will enjoy a new tent rental service by Olpro. 

The camping and tent retailer launched the ‘Loan & Go’ service to meet demand for customers who want to rent tents for camping rather than buy them. 

Olpro will rent a tent for camping from anything which sleeps from one person to eight people. You rent a tent from Olpro in three-day blocks through the company’s website.

Customers who rent a tent get it two days ahead of their booked rental time. When the rental period ends, customers have to return the tent within one day via Parcelforce.

Renting a tent is good for your budget

Anyone who wants to rent a tent for camping rather than buy one will like the cost. Rather than buy a Knightwick 2.0 tent, for example, customers can rent it for £35 over three days. Or, campervan owners can rent an awning for £140 over 3 days rather than buy a Cocoon Breeze awning for £669.

Olpro launched the service to help people try camping out. Renting a tent is an excellent way to experience camping without having to invest in a tent upfront. Daniel Walton, who founded Olpro, said:

“We’ve launched our new rental service with the purpose of helping our customers to be greener and give them a cheaper option of borrowing a high-quality, comfortable tent.”

Renting a tent for camping could be more popular than ever

He expects that people will invest more in camping equipment in the future. People recognise the mental and physical benefits they experience when they camp. 

In Europe, people spend 5 days a year camping. In the UK, according to Campsites.co.uk, people spend 3.4 days camping a year. With the potential of long-term COVID-19 travel restrictions in place, camping and UK holidays could be even more popular than ever. 

The ability to rent a tent for camping is an enjoyable way to make holidaying in the UK even more affordable. 

Find out more about Olpro ‘Loan & Go’ rental service here.

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