Autohome roof tent for Land Rover Defender

New roof tent for Land Rover Defender makes it adventure-ready


Land Rover and outdoor equipment manufacturer, Autohome, recently teamed up to create a bespoke roof tent for the Land Rover Defender.

This is exciting for camping enthusiasts that enjoy roaming beyond the campsite and into unknown territory. The Autohome roof tent for Land Rover Defender gives drivers the ability to pitch their tent in seconds. Not only will this grant freedom to explore away from the beaten path but allow campers to sleep in comfort and security without the need for a traditional pitch.

Roof Tent for Two

Autohome roof tent for Land Rover Defender - camping
Quickly set up with the Autohome roof tent

Accommodating up to two adults there is plenty of room to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors, while still keeping the area needed to sleep within the perimeter of your Defender. With the car already allowing a maximum load of 900 kg, there won’t be any issues accommodating the fibreglass tent, or anything you choose to bring on your trip that can be dropped into the interior stowage net.

Opening Up the Roof Tent

Anyone can easily erect the tent with the will to do it. By simply unclipping the fastening at the rear of the tent and lifting upwards, the integral gas struts will do the rest of the work, allowing you to stand back as it builds itself in front of your eyes. The carbon-grey fabric sides blend in seamlessly with the exterior of the Defender, and more importantly with the surroundings of your tent pitch.

Autohome roof tent for Land Rover Defender - packed down
Packed away, the roof tent is unobtrusive

Roof Tent Interior

The spacious interior measuring 2.3 metres long and 1.3 metres wide will allow you to stretch out in any direction, and perhaps even stand up with the 1.5 metres of headroom it provides at its tallest end. Then, you can fall back onto the full size luxurious mattress and pillows, and read under the included LED interior light.

More features in the roof tent for Land Rover Defender

Other features include the rear canopy, perfect for taking in the views or eating breakfast, easily accessible by the included lightweight aluminium ladder. Although Autohome’s roof tent is easy to use and access by most ages, it is definitely suited best to the younger or more able-bodied. It may be difficult to access for a wheelchair user or for the elderly, who may be more comfortable using a grounded tent.

The Autohome roof tent works with Land Rover Expedition Roof Rack and Roof Rails. The rails come as standard with the Adventure Pack.


A new Land Rover Defender 110 costs from £45,240. Coming in at €3,081 (£2,785), the Autohome roof tent certainly isn’t cheap. But, if you’ve just bought a new Landy for more adventurous holidays, the roof tent is a snip.

But, what you lose in the cost you instantly gain with the Autohome’s ease of construction, and luxurious interior. And, most importantly, you gain the freedom it gives you when it comes to choosing a place to camp. And where your adventures can take you.

To find out more, follow this link to Land Rover’s website:

For details about the Autohome roof tent, click here.

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