Advertise online

Do you want to use the internet as part of your marketing mix? Of course! Digital marketing is a relatively cheap medium that can be measured much better than printed media, for example.

The future of media is online and online campaigns are easily measurable. During the campaign you can adjust, change text or adjust the banner to achieve maximum visibility.

Campingtrend is visited daily by more than 1000 unique visitors, campers and people who are interested in camping and leisure activities. There are more than 370,000 a year and all those people now view more than 2 million (!) pages with us. In addition to various websites, we have newsletters that are sent to more than 5,000 subscribers.

  • Campingtrend uses a CPM (Cost per mille) model. You pay per 1000 impressions and therefore never more than expected.
  • Do you want to be seen only in your own region? That is also possible. Our advertising software can display your ad at city or county level.
  • Reporting: during or at the end of the advertising period we will send you an update on the status of your advertisement. Our advertising software measures exactly how many views your ad has had.
  • Frequency capping; Your advertisement will stop when your budget (number of views) has been used up. We do not exceed your budget.


Advertising on one of our websites isn’t expensive. From around £180 per month you can be seen 10,000 times! Do you want to know what a successful campaign costs? Contact us now! Also, look at: Also look at: Advertise online