Robens Drifter Lite camping chair scene

New Robens lightweight camping furniture to lighten your payload


Any campers who own a caravan, campervan, motorhome or car should have an interest in lightweight camping furniture. Most of us obsess about our payloads, and what we can and can’t load into our vehicles. 

One way to help your payload worries is to invest in lightweight camping furniture. Every gram or kilo you can shed to keep within your payload limit is important. But, you still need to be comfortable. And, when it comes to camping furniture, specialist lightweight furniture addresses the balance of comfort and weight. 

Robens lightweight camping furniture
Camping in comfort

New lightweight camping furniture from Robens

Robens recently introduced new lightweight camping furniture into its range, including three lightweight camping chairs and two lightweight camping beds.

The furniture will help you make the most of your space in your vehicle, minimise the payload amount you use and keep you as comfortable on site.

What is the lightest camping chair?

Robens Drifter Lite camping chair
Robens Drifter Lite

The lightest camping chair in the new Robens range is the low Drifter Lite chair, which weighs 1.3 kg. At 60 cm x 51 cm x 70 cm, the Drifter Lite is a handy size for carrying. And, it’s tall enough to be comfortable sitting in your tent’s porch, or under your awning. 

Robens Drifter Lite packed up
Packed up, the Drifter Lite is easy to store

Robens made the chair from a tough granite grey 420D polyester used in mesh panels which fit on an aluminium pole frame. , the Robens Drifter Lite can take the weight of a person weighing just under 19 stones (120 kg). 

With its mesh panels, the Drifter Lite lets air circulate so you don’t get sweaty sitting on it in warm weather. 

RRP: £70
Find out more on the Robens website here

What are the most comfortable camping chairs?

If you don’t need the lightest Robens camping chair and you want more comfort, then consider the Strider chair. 

Robens Strider chair
The Strider

The Robens Strider chair weighs 2.7 kg and has a 40 cm high seat back. Yet, the lightweight camping chair folds down to a small size to make it more portable and packable in your vehicle.

The Strider chair has a steel frame and a tough, 600D polyester cover. Like the Drifter Lite, the Strider has mesh ventilation panels in the cover. Plus, there’s an attachment for connecting the optional bottle holder on the side.

Robens Outrider chair
The Outrider chair – compact and comfortable

The smaller Robens Outrider seat has similar design features to the Strider. It has the same materials on it, but its seat is 34 cm high compared to 40 cm on the Strider. The lower back and smaller frame means the Outrider weighs less too. 

Despite its size, the Outrider is comfortable and supportive. And yet, its size makes it easy to pack and store.

Robens Strider RRP: £37
Find out more about the Strider here

Robens Outrider RRP: €42.95
Find out more about the Outrider here

What’s best to sleep on when camping?

If you’re hiking, a sleeping mat is essential. 

But, if you want a more comfortable night, and you are less concerned about weight, Robens has two new camping beds to consider.

The Robens Outpost beds will help you get a good night’s sleep, keeping you off the ground. The beds have aluminium frames which you can tension to your preference. The Outpost beds are simple and quick to assemble, and they have a tough granite grey 420D polyester cover. 

To keep the air circulating the bed covers contain mesh panels. And, there are straps in each corner to hold insulated mats in place when it’s cold.

Robens Outpost Tall camping bed
The Outpost Tall is ideal if you need to store bags under your bed

The Outpost camping beds come in Low and Tall versions. The Low model weights 2.37 kg. The Tall model weighs 2.71 kg. 

Both measure 65 cm x 192 cm (WxL) and pack down to  55 cm x 14 cm x 13 cm and 55 cm x 15 cm x 14 cm, respectively, in carrying bags.

The Outpost Low sits at 22 cm above the ground, the Tall version at 35 cm. The Outpost Tall is better if you need storage space under your bed. 

Robens Outpost Low camping bed
The Outpost Low is the choice if space is tight

Robens Outpost Low RRP: €124.95
Find out more about the Outpost Low here

Robens Outpost Tall RRP: €159.95
Find out more about the Outpost Tall here

Is lightweight camping furniture worth the money?

Lightweight camping furniture isn’t all about ultralight backpacking. Making the most of your payload of your motorhome, campervan, caravan or car is important. Buying good quality camping furniture is a worthwhile investment in your comfort and safety on the road.

Robens camping products aren’t the cheapest. But, they are well made, well designed and they last a long time.

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