Robens Prairie bed roll

Robens launches new sleeping bags for 2020


A good night’s sleep is easier with a decent sleeping bag when you’re camping. For 2020, Robens has new 2020 sleeping bags to help you have more comfortable outdoor adventures. 

The Robens ranges include three down and four synthetic insulation ranges. The sleeping bags come in 195 cm or 175 cm lengths to cater for big or small frames. The filler in all bags is PFC-free, and it wicks moisture away. The duck down is RDS-certified too. 

Robens’ three new ranges include:

  • Moraine
  • Entry-level Spite synthetic sleeping bags
  • Down-filled Spur bags

Existing Robens sleeping bag ranges, Serac and Glacier, have had redesigns for 2020, including a stretch lining for better insulation and loft. The new centre zip on the Icefall sleeping bag makes it easier to get in and out of the bag.

New down in the Robens Spur sleeping bag

Robens Spur 750 sleeping bag
Robens Spur 750

Robens has four new Spur models in this sleeping bag range. The range has three fill rates for different seasons. And, they come in either 195 cm or 175 cm lengths. Having the shorter length is ideal for smaller campers, so there is less space for their bodies to heat up. 

All Spur sleeping bags include:

  • RDS-certified 75/25 duck down, which has a 500 fill power.
  • 50D 300T polyester Taffeta outer
  • PFC-free water repellent treatment for better wicking
  • A zip baffle to keep warmth in, which covers the two-way YKK zip
  • An oversized, contoured thermo collar to keep it cosy inside.


  • Spur 250 – £160
  • Spur 500 – £220
  • Spur 500 Short – £205.99
  • Spur 750 – £274.99

Moraine – the synthetic sleeping bag by Robens

Robens Moraine II sleeping bag
Robens Moraine II

Outdoor adventurers who need a light, packable sleeping bag should look at the Robens Moraine. It’s perfect for backpacking and travelling in warmer countries. 

Robens made it lightweight and used a relaxed, trapeze design to give freedom to move inside. And, it will still perform well. 

There are two Moraine bags, both of which include:

  • An L-shaped YKK zip so you can air your feet
  • An insulated zip baffle
  • A micro thermo filling which keeps you warm and is easy to compress


  • Moraine I – £79.99
  • Moraine II – £92.99

Five new Robens Spire synthetic sleeping bags

Robens Spire Jr. sleeping bag
Robens Spire Jr.

Robens has sleeping bags for tall, small and junior campers in its Spire range for 2020. The short version is 175 cm long, and the Jr sleeping bag is 140 cm long. The Jr has child safety features.

The Spire sleeping bags have a two-layer, synthetic insulation. The liming wicks moisture away. The zip baffle keeps warmth in stopping it escaping through the two-way YKK zip. The Spire bag has a thermo collar too for a cosy sleep.


  • Spire I – £61.99
  • Spire II -£67.99
  • Spire II Short – £65.99
  • Spire III – £74.99
  • Spire Jr – £58

Get down to it with the Robens Serac sleeping bags

Robens Serac 600 sleeping bag
Robens Serac 600

The stretch lining in the Serac bag separates the inner from the shell, which makes it warmer. This design creates space in the box wall chambers so the down can loft easily. In addition, this minimises the amount of space your body needs to heat inside the sleeping bag.  

There’s a 175 cm option. Plus, the aerated storage bag and compression sack mean the Serac sleeping bags will stay fresh while you’re on tour. 


  • Serac 300 – £220
  • Serac 600 – £299.99
  • Serac 600 Short – £284.99
  • Serac 900 – £374.99

Longer Couloir sleeping bag range

Robens Couloir 350 sleeping bag compressed
Robens Couloir 350

Robens’ award-winning Couloir range has a longer body length, as well as the PFC-free materials and RDS-certified down. A new high waist drawcord means it’s warmer now when you sit up in the bag.


  • Couloir 350 – £284.99
  • Couloir 750 – £436

Icefall synthetic sleeping bag 

Robens Icefall I sleeping bag
Robens Icefall I

The Robens Icefall range sells well and includes its micro thermo, high loft synthetic insulation. There’s a centre zip to make it easy to get in and out of the sleeping bag.


  • Icefall I – £149.99
  • Icefall II – £169.99

The Robens Prairie bed roll

Robens Prairie bed roll
Robens Prairie bed roll

The design is untouched since its inception, and has a tough, chunky YKK L-shaped zip to make it easy to get in and out of the Prairie. And, the zip makes it easy to ventilate. 

The Prairie bag sits in the Robens Outback range and it’s a modern take on the classic American bed roll. The Prairie uses a ‘OneThermo’ insulation material which sits between a rugged canvas outer and a soft flannel lining. 

Robens Prairie bed roll compressed
The Prairie bed rolled up

For a pillow, there’s a detachable double base layer which turns into a head rest. You secure the section to the bag with six poppers. The head rest acts as the carry bag for the Prairie. 

Price – £124.99

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