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New Truma compressor coolers arriving in January 2020


Keeping your food and drink fresh and cool when you are camping should be easier when Truma brings out its new compressor coolers in January 2020.

The new Truma compressor coolers have capacities of between 30 and 104 litres. And they can cool and freeze to -22 °C, even with high outside temperatures. The Truma coolers can freeze and cool at the same in different section. To speed up the cooling time, the Truma coolers have a turbo function too. 

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Cool and freeze at the same time

The low noise coolers use powerful compressors to cool your food and drink. They have efficient insulation too which minimises the energy they use. All coolers come with a battery and a solar panel, so you can remain off the grid for longer.

To avoid discharging your vehicle battery, the Truma compressor coolers have discharge protection built-in. And, to avoid overheating if, for example, you left the cooler out in direct, hot sunshine, the coolers shut the compressor down automatically.

If you travel extensively abroad, the Truma coolers are compatible with most on-board and mains power sources. Built with reinforced corners and stainless steel hinges, the Truma coolers will take a beating.

Practical camping designs

To save space in your motorhome or caravan, the carrying handles fit flush into the body of the coolers. And, the units have two 12V ports, so you can plug power in from both sides.

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Tough and practical

You can remove or add individual baskets inside, which makes food storage more flexible. Standing bottles upright is easy due to their height, and opening bottles is a cinch with the built-in, external bottle openers on each side. Using the Truma coolers at night is easy too using the internal LED lights.

If you have a smartphone, download the free Truma Cooler app so you can control your cooler, including switching it on and off, setting the temperature and checking the remaining battery charge.

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Connect to the Truma Coolers via Bluetooth

If your smartphone runs low on power, no problem. The Truma coolers have USB charging points on the outside to which you can connect your device. When you’ve charged your smartphone, tuck it and the charging cable away in the external pockets.

The Truma Coolers are robust boxes which not only keep your food and drinks cool. They make life more comfortable when you are camping on or off grid. 

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