New Outwell Camping Furniture - kitchen tables 2020

3 new Outwell camping furniture items make food preparation easy


Having the right camping furniture is important. Preparing food outside on the campsite with your family or friends is wonderful. Food is one of the great joys of camping. 

But, preparing all that locally produced food is often a challenge, especially if you have little surface space.

That’s why the Scandinavian company, Outwell, that make stylish camping furniture, launched its new collection. The company has three new kitchen tables to add to its camping furniture collection.

Big surface space – Padres Double Kitchen Table

Padres Double Kitchen table - camping furniture
Outwell’s Padres Double Kitchen table

Food preparation is easier with the Padres Double Kitchen Table. It’s quick and easy to fold it out to create a spacious sideboard with two-tone polyester walls. Its bamboo work surface is practical and ideal for food preparation. 

The Padres Double Kitchen Table has a lightweight, strong aluminium frame with locking telescopic legs so you can raise it to the perfect height. The oversized feet on the legs make it more stable on uneven and soft ground. 

Two single shelf cupboards give you storage space, with zipped doors to close off your food. The cupboards have mesh ventilation to keep items inside fresh. On the outside, you can store small items in the four side pockets for easy access.


Strong and lightweight – Outwell Samos Kitchen Table

Outwell Samos kitchen table - camping furniture
The Samos Kitchen table from Outwell

If you want camping furniture for your kitchen which is lightweight, Outwell’s Samos kitchen table should interest you. 

The Samos can take a load up to 30 kg, and has a striking and simple design. The biggest surface is laminate, which is sturdy and easy to clean. The lower, roll-up shelf is aluminium. 

The kit comes with a big polyester storage cupboard with a laminate top surface and two shelves below to store food or pots and pans. The storage cupboard has two zipped doors, which you can roll and toggle back to keep them open. 

On the sides are eight hooks and a generous pocket for storing kitchen utensils, washing up cloths and other practical items.


Compact and convenient camping furniture – Outwell Andros

Outwell Andros kitchen table - camping furniture
Outwell’s Andros kitchen table

For campers who want camping furniture that’s easy to transport, store and that fits into a tight space when using it, the Andros kitchen table is ideal. 

The Outwell Andros kitchen table weighs only 4.2kg and comes with its own carry bag. When packed away the table measures 80cm x 48cm x 10cm. It’s quick to erect and needs a space of 0.5cm x 45.5cm x 80 cm when in use. 

The Andros kitchen table has a single-shelf cupboard with a zip door, and a strong laminate surface. The strong aluminium frame can take a load of up to 30kg, and it has side hooks and a big pocket for storing kitchen equipment and hanging cloths.


The choice of furniture for camping is huge and bewildering. But, keeping organised on your campsite and having good storage space and plenty of surface space for preparing food is useful. Outwell’s latest camping furniture for the kitchen will help you camp more comfortably. And, it is good quality, so it will last a long time too.

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