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Searching for portable power when camping? Take a look at this!


What’s the best portable power when camping? 

How can I keep all my devices charged when I’m off grid? 

Are there any portable power devices designed for camping?

Most campers need portable power when camping. Many campsites have electric hook up on camping pitches. But, often they don’t. All you have is a pitch in a field. 

Keeping your smartphones, lights or iPads charged usually means plugging them into your car to charge. That’s not always convenient or possible. And, it’s a noisy, smelly way to charge your devices on a campsite. Your campsite neighbours might not appreciate your engine running next to them. 

And, portability is another consideration when you need portable power. When you’re off grid, you may not have access to a vehicle to charge your equipment. Or, you may want to conserve the fuel in your vehicle for driving, if you’re in a motorhome or campervan.

What’s a good solution to portable power when camping?

defense titan portable power camping
The Defense Titan in action (or, inaction here!)

The American company, ‘Defense’, recently launched one solution which helps with the challenge of portable power when camping. 

The Defense Titan is a portable, rechargeable, 224Wh compact power station. The portable power pack provides long-lasting power for anyone who needs power when camping, or even in emergencies. 

You can charge any of your devices, including smartphones, computers or GPS devices, for example. 

To charge the Defense Titan, you plug into a wall socket using the USB-C adapter. It’s not a generator, but you can charge it up with a solar panel (sold separately). It’s silent, so you won’t disturb your neighbours, whether human or not. And, you can use indoors, as well as outdoors.

defense titan portable power solar charging
You can charge the Defense Titan up using solar panels

Here are some facts to give you an idea of its capacity:

  • The Defense Titan can charge a smartphone 20 times.
  • It can charge a laptop five times.
  • You can run a mini-fridge for about 10 hours. 

The Defense Titan is tough too. It has an aluminium body and rubberised protection on the corners. With the built-in strap, you can move it around easily too.

When you need portable power when camping, or for other off-grid activities, the Defense Titan seems like a good solution. 
The Defense Titan is available online direct from the manufacturer for $299.99.

Watch the video about it below!

The Defense Titan
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