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Looking for a motorhome water filter? Try this one


Clean water is essential, wherever you are, including in your motorhome. Here’s one motorhome water filter to provide it.

Having fresh water in your motorhome is vital. You might feel worried the water in your onboard tank is not potable. 

Hosepipe water in the UK & European campsites is clean. Tap water has chlorine in it to keep it clean. 

What’s the concern with fresh water in your motorhome, then?

Do you need a motorhome water filter?

It’s rare to find dirty water in Western Europe campsites. Or, when you fill your tank at home. 

The main challenge is when you’ve not used your motorhome recently. Water in your tank and pipes may become stagnant. This increases the risk of bacterial infection. 

It’s a sensible idea to flush your tank and pipes through before a trip. This will help clear out stale water and lower the risk of bugs. Some motorhome owners add disinfectants to their water tanks (e.g. Milton). And, then pump the water through their pipes to clean it. 

This can taint your water with the taste and smell of the disinfectant. It’s a wise idea to empty your tank. Then, refill it and flush your pipes through to get rid of the taste. 

Why would you need a motorhome water filter, then? 

Many owners take bottled water to drink in their motorhomes. They use the water in the tank for showers and washing the dishes. Having a motorhome water filtration system fitted saves you money and weight. 

What’s the best motorhome water filter?

This post isn’t a full test of what’s available on the market in the UK. But, here’s one solution to provide clean, filtered drinking water in your motorhome: the Flostream motorhome inline water filter.  Wave International makes them and Penguin Refrigeration distributes them in the UK. 

The Flostream water filter sits between your water tank and taps. It will filter out heavy metals, like lead, chlorine and chlorine by-products, bacteria and cysts. 

flostream flow2 water filter
The Flostream Flow2 motorhome water filter

In addition, the Flostream water filter has bacteriostatic control built-in. This prevents micro-bacterial growth when you’re not using the filter. The filter also reduces limescale build-up. In turn, this helps keep your taps and sinks clean too. 

One motorhome owner, Malcolm Lawrence, fitted a Flostream motorhome water filter to his vehicle. Here’s what he found: 

“We now drink the water directly from our tank, no more carrying water containers, storing them or having to buy bottled water when abroad.   Also, it removes the anxiety about the quality of the water. 

“The taste of the filtered water has no chemical taste whatsoever.  We even notice that when we have been away for a month, the water from the tap at home is definitely not as good.”

Certified water filters

Flostream’s filter has NSF 42 and 53 certification standards. This standard means it removes chlorine taste and odour in its replaceable cartridge. The filter should last a year (depending on how much water you filter). And, it’s small enough to fit into a cupboard.

Zeb Elliott of Penguin Refrigeration added:

“Using a Flostream filter avoids the health dangers associated with drinking water from plastic bottles that contain Bisphenol A and phthalates.  Users also save money on the cost of bottled water and help the environment by reducing plastic waste.”


The Flostream filter comes into two sizes, with prices from £72.98.

  • Flow2 – 265mm tall by 85mm diameter and filters two litres per minute. 
  • Flostream HiFlo10 – 390mm by 110mm diameter and filters ten litres per minute.

Setting up

It’s easy to fit the Flostream filter. They use twist lock head fittings for 10mm, 12mm or 15mm push fit connections. 

The Flostream motorhome water filter is also suitable for campervans. 

Find out more on the Penguin Refrigeration website: penguinfrigo.co.uk 

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