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Camping and Caravanning: why it could boom after lockdown ends


Camping and caravanning holidays could boom when lockdown ends. The trend for British holidaymakers for several years are to book shorter holidays closer to home and at the last minute, according to, the online campsite booking service. 

The booking company believes the COVID-19 crisis will make British holidaymakers even more reluctant to travel abroad. The thought of travelling through crowded airports or ferries may well put people off travelling outside the UK. 

UK Holiday Trends

  • Shorter breaks, more often
  • Closer to home including staycations
  • Last-minute booking

Camping and caravanning make social distancing easier

camping and caravanning with a caravan
Photo by Blake Wisz on Unsplash

Holidays in densely populated locations may be less popular than remote locations. Camping and caravanning sites are better for families. It’s easier to socially distance yourself from your neighbours on a campsite.

Planning ahead has not gone away when it comes to booking a holiday. But, more people prefer not to book too far in advance. If a better deal comes up. Or, an event happens which forces you to change your plans. These situations make us reluctant to book. 

The Coronavirus pandemic has forced us to cancel plans for Easter and, possibly, the summer. Trends were for people to use less of their holiday time on one holiday. We prefer now to take shorter breaks more often to see and experience more. 

Low cost holidays

With financial hardship building as the crisis continues, we’re also unlikely to want to spend money on big, expensive holidays. 

This is another reason why camping and caravanning becomes more appealing. It is much cheaper per night to stay in a campsite than it is in a hotel or B&B. 

Granted the cost of a caravan each month on finance might be more expensive. But, with the trend towards shorter breaks more often, it’s still good value to buy a caravan and pay low site costs.

Who’s never experienced camping and caravanning? 

camping in a wooded campsite
Photo by Alex Kotomanov on Unsplash

An often overlooked advantage of the camping and caravanning life is the wide choice of remote locations and low-density living on a campsite.

With many thousands of UK campsites available. And with many of them in quiet, under-populated parts of Britain, people unaccustomed to camping and caravanning might be surprised by where they can stay.

Around 60% of British adults have never experienced camping or caravanning, according to Mintel data in 2016.  

But, the pandemic and life in lockdown has forced many families to while away the hours playing board games, rekindle their craft skills or catch up on kitchen skills. 

The time spent with our families in lockdown may have focussed us on what’s most important in life. Family time is precious, and the time together as a family is a benefit which camping and caravanning parks have championed for years. 

When the Coronavirus lockdown is over and the situation allows us to travel again, it’s likely the British holidaymakers will opt for low cost, local and last minute camping and caravanning holidays. 

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