Caravan Guard owners and pets in lockdown

6 ways UK caravanners and motorhomers have adapted to life in lockdown


Forced to stay at home in lockdown, caravan and motorhome owners haven’t stopped using their vehicles.

Halifax-based insurance specialist, Caravan Guard, asked its customers what they are doing with their caravans and motorhomes in the lockdown. With their motorhomes or caravans pitched in their drives, their customers came back with some interesting ideas.

1. School Lockdown? No problem

Lorisa Talbot homeschooling caravan
Lorisa Talbot turned her caravan into a home school

In Chalfont St Giles, Buckinghamshire, Loris Talbot has her caravan, a Coachman Vision, reconfigured as a temporary classroom. 

With the lockdown for schools in place, Lorisa moved her caravan accessories out. She replaced them with teaching aids on the cupboard doors, and filled them with books and games. 

She turned both her dining tables in the 5 berth caravan into temporary school desks.

2. Caravan Cooking and Crafts School

Jimmy Butler caravan cooking
Jimmy Butler’s family is learning to cook, read and do crafts in their caravan

In Daventry, Jimmy Butler and his caravan-loving, young family turned their attention to cooking and craft skills. Jimmy’s Bailey caravan is now a place for teaching his children to bake, sew and read. 

As well as staying the night in their caravan, Jimmy and his family are planning their next “wobble box adventure”.

The family’s dogs have had their fair share of time in the Bailey too. When the children aren’t baking cakes or sewing, the dogs get away into the caravan for some peace and quiet.

3. Where’s the Costa del Drive?

The Janaways Bailey Autograph motorhome

While motorhome bloggers, the Janaways, who tour the UK and Europe in their Bailey Autograph, are now at home in Kent on their ‘Costa del Drive’!

In South Wales, Emyr Jones has put his Burstner motorhome to good use. He now has a chic home office in his motorhome.

4. Getting around to it, finally

There’s one good thing about the lockdown. It’s the time on our hands to do all those jobs at home we’ve been putting off. 

Rapido caravan for renovation
Marc Jordan’s Rapido caravan

Marc Jordan, in Norfolk, is making good use of his time to renovate a Rapido caravan His caravan needs a facelift.

5. Camping furniture is not just for the ‘van

camping tables in use for homeschooling
Camping furniture makes for good home school desks

With all the new demands at home on space, some caravan and motorhome owners have adapted. 

Making use of their camping furniture, Jane Pollard in Northamptonshire, and Caravan Guard employee, Liz Harrison, used their camping tables for homeschooling. With the lockdown for schools in force, the camping tables have been useful.

As Liz said:

 “It’s great as it folds away after use and it’s just the right size for school work. We’re even thinking about getting the tent out and pitching up in the garden to escape the house for a couple of nights over Easter – it’s the new Staycation!”

6. Emergency supply raids

The lockdown hasn’t stopped some owners from getting the supplies they need.

One Vito campervan owner in Cheshire, Susan Dyson, raided her van. She took out supplies that have been hard to find in the shops. Susan stripped her campervan of the tinned food stored in it. 

“We’re eating like we’re camping now!” she said.

Meanwhile, motorhome owner, Margaret Drury from Skipton said: 

“[I] raided our motorhome cupboards for TCP and paracetamol.”

And, another Caravan Guard employee, Craig Thompson, said he managed to get his essential supplies out of his seasonal pitch caravan just before the lockdown. 

He said: 

“I was lucky the caravan had a full pack of toilet rolls, pasta and even hand sanitiser gel and antiseptic wipes!”

Caravan Guard also came up with a video of the top 10 caravanning sounds. Their customers voted for what reminded them of their holidays the most.

Maybe it will help you dream of your next caravan or motorhome when the lockdown is over? Watch it below!

Caravan Guards Top 10 Caravanning Sounds

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