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Over 2 million campers will hit the road this weekend


Coming this weekend is the moment all UK residents have been waiting for; the chance to drive longer distances to stay with family and friends. And to take themselves back to the great outdoors.

The wait has been worth it. Soon, we can revisit the dusty campsites left behind before lockdown and pitch-up once again.

From the 4th of July the government will lift the ‘essential-only travel restrictions’. Campsites, caravan parks, and hospitality locations are being opened for the public for the first time since March, and it’s going to be bedlam on the UK’s roads.

More than 10 million cars are due to hit the roads this weekend, more than a third of all drivers in the country. The exodus will cause the roads the busiest we have seen this year, according to a survey by RAC Breakdown.

Check your caravan before you tow

The motoring organisation expects 19% of drivers will be visiting friends and family to spend the night, equivalent to 6.5 million people. But, most notable is the massive push towards outdoor facilities with 2 million people heading to campsites.

And, 680,000 (2% of drivers) plan to stay in a caravan park, including caravan owners who will tow their vans to favourite spots around the country.

The RAC stresses that people must check their vehicles and anything that they are towing for issues before travelling anywhere. Many caravans and trailers have been unused for the past few months without the regular checks.

As it’s expected to be the busiest the roads have been this year, the RAC would struggle to tend to several hundred thousand breakdowns simultaneously.

Rod Dennis from RAC Breakdown said:

“Those with motorhomes or towing caravans and trailers should also check that their breakdown policy adequately covers them – many have restrictions on the length, weight and height of vehicles, and on the number of people who can be covered”.

It’s an exciting development in the UK’s return to normality. But, it is still important to follow the Government guidelines, and to stay safe on the roads and in the campsites this weekend!

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