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Coachman Caravans ramps up production to meet demand


The demand for Coachman Caravans is strong despite the impact of COVID-19, says the Hull-based family business.

The high-end caravan manufacturer, Coachman, reopened its factory on the 4th June to start production. The company said it is already up to pre-lockdown production levels. 

The business expects a boom in UK staycations as the lockdown regulations ease off. Coachman is already experiencing the demand for its caravans. 

Eliot Hibbs, Coachman Caravan’s managing director, said: 

“We’re all excited to get back into the factory and produce. We have spent the past few weeks putting safety precautions in place to ensure our staff members are kept safe, and we are confident now is the right time to return to work.

“Whilst we expected our closure and the effects of Covid-19 to have detrimental effects on the business, we have not seen this. Our order book is full until the end of the year, and we had less than 2% of orders cancelled during lockdown, many of which have now been replaced.”

Selling Coachman Caravans online

Dealerships as well as manufacturers had to close due to the social distancing regulations. But, many dealerships adapted their businesses to market their stock in new ways. Many dealerships now offer virtual tours of new caravan models. More dealerships are selling caravans online too. 

Customers realise they’re unlikely to holiday abroad this year. Taking your holidays in a caravan in the UK is a safe way to have a break. Caravans make it easy to keep apart from other people. A caravan is self-contained with its own washroom, toilet and kitchen. Yet, you can holiday in a beautiful location without family. 

See the Coachman VIP caravan below:

Dealerships embraced digital marketing techniques. They’re helping customers browse through caravans on their websites, including virtual tours, without leaving home. Use and new used caravan sales continue to sell well, according to Coachman. The caravan maker says sales increased strongly in the last two weeks.

Coronavirus production at Coachman Caravans

infrared camera at coachman caravans factory
Infrared cameras detect staff with high temperatures

It has not been easy, though. Coachman has spent time during the lockdown getting its production systems in place. They now comply with the Government’s social distancing guidelines. 

They’ve installed thermal cameras at entrances to detect staff with a high temperature. All staff will have to wear personal protection equipment (PPE), and they will have to keep two metres apart.

The caravan industry is slowly reopening. As the government eases restrictions on people going out, it’s easier to meet other people and travel. The NCC is working hard to lobby the government to open campsites and touring sites to holidaymakers. 

When the government allows the campsites to open, it’s likely that bookings will surge for the summer.
Find out more about Coachman Caravan’s 2020 models here:

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