Wellhouse Leisure Misano SPort exterior

Wellhouse Leisure launches five new Ford campervans


Wellhouse Leisure, the Huddersfield campervan converter company, announced five new Ford campervans at the NEC show in October. 

The company had six campervans on its stand, five of which were either new or updated models. 

Here are the five new models:

The spacious campervan – Ford Transit Giant

Wellhouse Leisure Ford Giant exterior
The Ford Transit Giant

The company created the Ford Transit Giant for people looking for a spacious campervan. The Giant campervan is bigger than their Ford Transit Custom Misano. It’s 6 metres long and sits on the Ford Transit long wheelbase chassis. This is the company’s first conversion on this chassis. 

Wellhouse Leisure designed the Ford Transit Giant to be an off-road vehicle for the adventurous. You can buy an optional body styling kit and all-wheel drive. 

The Giant has more ground clearance than most campervans. That means you can take it on rougher tracks and roads to get to remote campsites.

You can use the Ford Transit Giant all year round. Wellhouse Leisure built the heater, fresh water and waste water tanks into a raised floor inside the campervan. 

To make living off grid easier, the campervan has solar panels and a substantial leisure battery. Life outside is easier with the external BBQ point.

Inside the Giant

Wellhouse Leisure Ford Giant interior
The Ford Transit Giant has a clean, modern interior design

Wellhouse wanted to make the inside of the Ford Transit Giant as rugged as the outside of the campervan. They created an interior to match. 

The Giant has a minimalistic decor, with easy-to-clean floors and surfaces. The gloss white panels make it bright and it feels fresh. It’s easy to fit a couple of mountain bikes, or other gear, in the back of the Giant. 

The dark grey driver and passenger seats swivel to face the dining space, and two sliding travel seats. You can remove the travel seats if you need more space. It has a drop down double bed. 

There’s an extensive kitchen with a compressor fridge and cooker. The sink has running hot and cold water. 

The full-width bathroom with shower is at the back, including the cassette toilet 

Wellhouse Leisure Ford Giant interior rear seats
The removeable seats

The basic, 2-wheel drive model starts at £55,000. The Ford Transit Giant model with the all-wheel drive and body kit starts at £70,000.

The new ‘value for money’ campervan from Wellhouse Leisure

Wellhouse Leisure Ford Le Tour Van Adventure Edition front exterior
The Wellhouse Leisure Ford Le Tour Van Adventure Edition

Wellhouse has the new Ford Transit Custom Le Tour Van ‘Adventure Edition’ for people on a tighter budget. 

The Le Tour Van ‘Adventure Edition’ costs £39,995 on the road. Their standard model costs £34,000. The base of this campervan is the Ford Transit Custom Kombi, which has twin sliding side doors.

You can use the Wellhouse Le Tour Van ‘Adventure Edition’  as either a campervan or a van. There’s a double bed in the elevating roof. And, you can opt for a cooking unit, plus two rear travel seats which fit into the floor rails. You can convert the rear seats into single beds. 

Wellhouse Leisure Ford Le Tour Van Adventure Edition rear seats
Inside the Le Tour

These options make the Le Tour Van flexible. You can use it either for day to day use, or for camping trips.

Heating elements in the driver and passenger seats make them cozy on chilly days. 

For storage, there’s a new removable canvas storage system in the rear side panels. And, there’s more storage in panels in the rear tailgate.

Outside the Wellhouse Le Tour Van ‘Adventure Edition’ 

Wellhouse Leisure Ford Le Tour Van Adventure Edition exterior
The matt green makes it appear distinctive

The matt green paintwork makes it look distinctive. The Le Tour Van ‘Adventure Edition’ has a black roof, off-road van-rated tyres, and 18-inch Wolfrace alloy wheels. It has LED roof spoiler lights and a Rapture-style Ford grill too. 

The other kit installed in the Le Tour Van make it an attractive choice, which includes:

  • 12v electrics and leisure battery
  • Solar panel
  • 240v mains electric hook up
  • An Eberspacher heating system
  • Windows in each sliding door with built-in blinds and flyscreens.

You can buy an optional rear awning too.

Updates for the Wellhouse Leisure best-selling campervan

Wellhouse Leisure Misano SPort exterior
The Misano

Wellhouse replaced their Terrier campervan in 2018 with the now best-selling Ford Transit Custom Misano. The Misano is now available with a Sport trim level. 

The Sport trim includes the following features:

  • 18-inch alloy wheels
  • Leather upholstery
  • A rear spoiler and full body kit

The Misano Sport comes in standard or long wheel base versions, and prices start from £55,000. 

Lower road tax on the Ford Transit Custom Misano Van

Most campervan buyers want to keep their costs down, and Wellhouse has one way to help. Wellhouse Leisure now has Ford Transit Custom Misano Van as a new campervan conversion. The model sits on a used Ford Transit Custom base. The base models are 12 to 18 months old and mileages under 20,000. 

That means the road tax is only £265 a year. 

This Wellhouse campervan model comes in Sport or standard trim elves, and on long or short wheel base versions. You can opt for a high-top roof instead of an elevating roof too.

Wellhouse expects these Misano models to cost around £39,000. But, that depends on the age and mileage of each. However, Wellhouse told us these campervans will be around £10,000 less than an equivalent brand-new model. 

This Misano range includes the following:

  • Side kitchen and fridge
  • Blown-air heating
  • Sink and cooker
  • A solar panel
  • Three seater rear seat which converts into a double bed

The compact campervan

The Evie

If you’re looking for something more compact than most campervans, take a look at the Wellhouse Ford Evie

Wellhouse describes it as ‘more of a camping car than a campervan’. Here’s why. 

The Wellhouse Ford Evie sits on a Ford Transit long wheel base chassis. Wellhouse redesigned it as a two-seater campervan with a long bench seat in the back. And, it has a full side kitchen conversion. 

As standard, there’s now a 25-litre front opening fridge. Plus, it comes with an award-winning Ford 1-litre Ecoboost engine, with diesel alternatives. 

The Wellhouse Ford Evie starts at £33,000 for a new model. Wellhouse will convert used models (e.g. the 2017/2018 1.5TDCi diesel model) from about £24,000.

Find out more about the new Wellhouse Leisure campervans on their website here: wellhouseleisure.com

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