Crosscamp campervan

Is the new Crosscamp campervan the perfect camper?


The new Crosscamp truly earns its name with its new take on the traditional campervan. The Crosscamp gives drivers the flexibility of a leisure vehicle, and the key features of a daily driver. 

Crosscamp provides exactly what the modern camper asks for, while still considering the needs of a family car. The campervan offers plenty of storage in a compact frame.

Crosscamp: From city traffic to country roads

Crosscamp campervan outside

With more and more people moving into urban spaces for work and life, there isn’t space for huge vehicles on the driveway. Millennials and Generation Y are the target market for the Crosscamp. The makers realise there’s a growing need to spend time away from city life and to get into the countryside. 

The Crosscamp is manoeuvrable enough to weave through city-centre traffic and still rangy for those country roads and woodland tracks.

Campervan tech

Crosscamp is fully aware of their target market’s desire for a digital edge on their weekend trips. Some available packages include the Toyota Safety Sense, allowing for the autonomous sensing of road traffic signs, pedestrian detection, and a heads-up display, to name a few. 

Another upgrade available is the Comfort Package. Owners get technology including a 7-inch display with a 180 degrees parking camera. A Smart Key system for keyless unlocking of the van, and a lovely set of 17 inch alloy wheels. 

Finally, the Night Package turns the Crosscamp into a stealthier and even more spacious vehicle, offering the pop-up roof and blacked out trim.

How much power?

The Crosscamp is available with a few engine choices. If you’re looking for more power for longer journeys and challenging trips they offer as the most expensive option a 177 horsepower, 8 speed automatic transmission made by Toyota. 

If you’re hoping to spend less, the default option is a still plenty capable 120 horsepower, 6 speed manual transmission, also by Toyota, perfect for a city vehicle. 

Crosscamp’s marketing

Crosscamp has gained some impressive traction with their social media campaigns launched directly onto the laps of their demographic. Never has there been a better connected generation. And, Crosscamp has taken their product directly to the consumer, rarely seen among camper manufacturers, and it truly feels like a new age for city escapes.

Price: €42,999 inv VAT

To find out more about the new Crosscamp, follow this link to their website:

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