LMC Van 643 G front

LMC reveals Van 643 G 65th anniversary edition motorhome


Despite the lack of motorhome shows in 2020 due to the lockdown, the German company, LMC, recently revealed its 65th anniversary of its Van 643 G motorhome. 

The LMC Van 643 G motorhome sits on a Citroen low-frame chassis, which has a 165 PS engine with an inclusive Eco-pack. The engine has enough grunt to make touring around the UK and, eventually, Europe, a breeze. 

LMC Van 643 G rear

The LMC Van 643 G weighs 3,500 kg, which makes it light enough to appeal to many owners that want a manageable motorhome. The Van 643 G is 6.76 metres long and 2.22 metres wide.

LMC designed the motorhome to provide a suitable balance of internal space with external practicality and manoeuvrability. The 65th anniversary edition LMC Van 643 G is 2.69 metres high, with 1.98 metres of head room. 

What’s inside the LMC Van 643 G?

LMC Van 643 G bedroom
Two beds at the rear with space for a third

The Van 643 G has two berths at the back of the motorhome, with the option to convert the space between the berths into a third bed space. You can sleep two more people by converting the central lounge seats into beds. 

The motorhome comes as standard with the following features: 

  • Ventilated furniture which helps keep the Van 643 G fresh
  • High-quality cold-foam mattresses, which means they are comfortable and suitable for allergy sufferers.
  • A vent window with multi-functional roller blinds
  • Manual air conditioning
  • LED interior lighting
LMC Van 643 G dining table
The dining space

The kitchen has a 100-litre fridge, a three burner gas hob with electrical ignition. Also, fitted as standard are the heated and insulated waste tanks, which means the Van 643 G is usable all year. 

LMC Van 643 G kitchen
Thie kitchen (without an oven)

The warm air and warm water pack includes underfloor heating for added comfort when it’s cold outside. 

LMC Van 643 G underseat storage
Plenty of storage under the seats

How much is the LMC Van 643 G?

The LMC Van 643 G starts at €59,600 (~£53,400). LMC includes €18,500 (~£16,575) worth of accessories with the 65th anniversary edition. 

You can buy the following upgrades:

  • Warm air winter package – €1,890 (~£1,694)
  • Warm water package – €4,190 (~£3,755)

Visit the LMC motorhomes website here: www.lmc-caravan.de/en/motorhomes/

LMC Van 643 G lounge
Looking towards the back of the LMC Van 643 G
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