Burstner Lysio M Harmony Line 690 Gmotorhome

Bürstner motorhomes announced for 2020 season


Bürstner announced the updates to its 2020 season Lyseo, Premio-plus and Averso motorhomes last week. 

The 2020 Bürstner motorhomes have many changes across the range. Some changes are cosmetic. Other models have new equipment updates. And, there’s an additional motorhome model with a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter base.

Feel at home in the new Bürstner Lyseo M motorhome

Burstner Lyseo M Harmony Line 690 G motorhome cab
The cab and lounge in the Lyseo M 690 G

The big news from Bürstner is their new Lyseo M motorhome, which has a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter base. They’ve tagged the Lyseo M with the moniker ‘Wohnfühlen’, which means ‘Feel at home’ in English.

To make the Lyseo M feel like a ‘home from home’, Bürstner used its ‘Harmony Line’ interior design. This gives owners a choice of stylish upholstery designs.

The Skyroof XL is a new lightweight ceiling with indirect lighting built in. The combination of the lighting and natural light from the windows creates an impact day and night. It seems spacious by day, and cosy at night. New blinds give you privacy too.

Two Lyseo M layouts

The Lyseo M has two new layouts, namely the T 660 and T 690 G.

Bürstner Lyseo M T 660

Bürstner Lyseo M T 660 bedroom
The Bürstner Lyseo M T 660 has a rear French bed

The 660 has a spacious, rear double bed, and a smaller wardrobe to make it easy to get in and out. You can opt for a fold-down bed above the lounge seating, so you can sleep four people. 

Burstner Lyseo M 660 2020 layout
The layout of the Lyseo M 660 2020

Cooking is easy when you have a big kitchen, like the one in the 660. There’s an option of a combined oven and hob, which is likely to be standard for British buyers.

The kitchen in the Bürstner Lyseo M T 660
Plenty of surface space and storage in the Bürstner Lyseo M T 660

The designers included a ‘swivel-mounted’ basin in the washroom, which means the space is more flexible than in some motorhomes. Having a shower in this motorhome is meant to be an experience as close to showering at home, as possible.

Bürstner Lyseo M T 690 G

The rear bedroom in the Bürstner Lyseo M T 690 G
A luxurious bedroom in the Bürstner Lyseo M T 690 G

The T 690 G will appeal to couples, with the option of adding a single, fold-down bed. The interior design is deliberately spacious to make moving around inside effortless. 

The T 690 G has a substantial, 103 cm-long work surface in the galley kitchen. The chamfered kitchen surface makes it easy to between the lounge and bedroom. Check the layout below. 

Burstner Lyseo M 690G 2020 floor plan
The layout of the Lyseo M 690 G

Another new interior feature in the Lyseo M T 660 and T 690 G (standard version only) models is the storage unit next to the habitation door. 

The kitchen in the Bürstner Lyseo M T 690 G
The Harmony Line styling and kitchen in the Bürstner Lyseo M T 690 G

As you enter, the storage unit by the door extends almost floor-to-ceiling. In it are magnetic strips that work with optional Bürstner glasses with magnetic elements too. This means your glasses will be more secure in transit. 

Bürstner Lyseo M T 690 G storage space by the habitation door
The new storage space next to the habitation door

Despite the length of the  Lyseo M (it’s less than 7 metres long), Bürstner made use of the space in both models. The T 660 and T 690G come with automatic or manual gearboxes, and rear-wheel drive. 

The elevated chassis comes with metallic grey paintwork, and it has a distinctive Bürstner rear panel. 

Other features include:

  • Main beam assist
  • Crosswind assist
  • Hill start assist
  • And Hill start assist
The rear lights on the Burstner Lyseo M Harmony Line 690G 2020
The dinstinctive rear panel on the Lyseo M

Bürstner Lyseo M OTR Prices

  • T 660 £71,995
  • T 690 G £71,995

What’s new in the 2020 Bürstner Premio and Premio plus motorhomes?

Bürstner’s popular Premio and Premio plus motorhomes have a new exterior appearance. And, the interior has refreshed the decor too. 

The designers added new cabinet doors, as well as a new decor below the kitchen cabinets. There are new handles, new table and countertop decor. Plus, there is a new floor plan in the Premio and Premio plus motorhomes.

Bürstner offset the kitchen wall cabinets a fraction from the ceiling in the 440 TK and 510 TK models. This makes better use of the space, according to the designers. 

Also, Bürstner has plans for a new floor plan in the 450 TS model. It’s a compact model with a 2.10 metre, double French bed. And, it has plenty of surface space on the kitchen counter top, despite the size of the motorhome.

Bürstner redesigned its Averso motorhome

The Averso motorhome has a new style for 2020, and comes in the Standard or Harmony Line versions. 

The outside of the Averso is the most striking change for 2020. The motorhome looks more like a Bürstner model than it has done until now. The integrated, hybrid rear lights are a new feature. 

The panels have a hammered finish on the Standard version. The Harmony Line has a smooth, metallic finish. 

Eleven Bürstner Averso layouts

With eleven layouts to choose from in the Bürstner motorhomes Averso range, there’s plenty of choice. Inside, there’s a new lighting system above the lounge to make it cosier. 

New storage space on Lyseo M motorhome
The new storage area on some of the Burstner 2020 motorhomes

The new, optional lighting features lights below the wall units, which provide a subtle, yet warm ambience to the living space. This lighting extends to the shelf uprights and the kitchen countertops. You can opt for an extra window in the bedroom (layout dependent).

The interior design includes a flexible, round seating space in some layouts. It’s easy to convert this space into a dinette to give your more dining space. 

Next to the habitation door in the Harmony, there’s a new storage area, which includes space for a 32-inch TV. The TV sits on a flexible arm so you can position it to suit you.

To make the Averso more comfortable, there are many upgrade options, including:

  • The lighting package
  • Shower package
  • Self-sufficiency package
  • Winter packages

In a disrupted year of 2020, it’s good to see Bürstner motorhomes coming out on the market. The parks and campsites will soon be open for motorhome owners to take holidays. The Lysio M models are a worthwhile addition to the Bürstner range. 

Find out more about the Bürstner motorhomes here: www.buerstner.com

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