LMC Cruiser V646 G

What are the new LMC motorhomes for 2021?


We’ve just seen the new LMC motorhomes for 2021. Here’s what to expect from LMC next year.

Here is the first range from LMC, its new ‘Cruiser’ models. Read to the bottom to see the next 2021 LMC motorhomes range.

LMC has a trio of Cruiser models coming along for the 2021 season. The company, part of the Erwin Hymer Group, designed the LMC Cruisers to be ideal for city breaks, golf tours and younger buyers. 

The new Cruiser models are the T662 G, T732 G and V646 G. Two of the models will appeal to older buyers, and one to a younger audience. All three models are low-profile motorhomes in the LMC style. All the Cruisers have:

  • Big garages for storage
  • Reversing cameras for safety
  • Insulated, heated water and waste water tanks for all year use.

The LMC Cruiser range shares the same interior design and styling, 1.98 metres of headroom, underfloor storage space, under-bench storage and flexible USB sockets on the lighting fixtures.

LMC Cruiser 646 G interior lounge
The LMC Cruiser V646 G lounge looking back

The Cruisers have three berths, with two more berths if you opt for the pop-up roof. The standard upholstery is a dark tone called ‘Zorba Stone’. If you prefer lighter upholstery, there’s an option called ‘Nevada Bridge’.

LMC motorhomes for older buyers

LMC Cruiser T732 G interior
The LMC Cruiser T732 G interior

The longest in the new LMC range is the T732G Cruiser. It’s 7.55 metres long, and 2.32 metres wide. It has a spacious bathroom. 

The T662 G Cruiser is as wide as the T732G, but shorter at 6.99 metres, and has a vario-bathroom.

The LMC Cruiser for younger buyers

LMC Cruiser V646 G interior cab
The cab and lounge in the LMC Cruiser V646 G

The smallest of the LMC Cruisers is the V646 G, 6.76 metres long and 2.22 metres wide. 

LMC designed the Cruiser V646 G for younger buyers, purchasing a motorhome for the first time. LMC realised they needed a motorhome that’s flexible and allowed owners to be more mobile. If you plan to move from site to site on a daily basis, the V646 G is ideal.

LMC makes the Cruiser motorhomes in Germany in Sassenberg. All their motorhomes come with a 12-year water ingress guarantee.

Visit the LMC website here: www.lmc-caravan.de/en/

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