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Swift launches four-berth Basecamp


Swift Group launched its latest incarnation of the popular outdoor adventure caravan, the Basecamp 4 SE, at the Caravan, Camping and Motorhome Show in Birmingham last week.

Swift redesigned the layout so they could fit in two extra berths, a feature which is likely to attract a wider audience to the Basecamp.

Swift’s clever redesign

Swift Basecamp 4 dining space
The new dining space which converts into bunks

The Basecamp 4 is only around 50cms longer than the two berth model. But Swift, with some clever redesign, adjusted the layout losing none of the award-winning features and reasons it’s so popular with owners. 

The Basecamp 4 SE still has its ‘no fuss’, practical design, which means it feels spacious despite its small size, it’s easy to keep clean, and you can still use it to store your outdoor gear in it easily.

Swift’s designers moved the kitchen from its original position to the middle of the Basecamp 4 on the opposite wall. In its place is a small dining area, which converts into children’s bunk beds. You can close off the bunk beds with the built-in curtain to give parents some privacy, or to block out the light at night for the children to sleep.

Kitchen changes in the Basecamp 4

Swift Basecamp 4 kitchen

The washroom and hanging space in the Basecamp 4 remains in the rear, offside position. The units are exactly the same as the 2 berth versions, so owners will be familiar with the layout here. 

The kitchen is now in front of the hanging space, and there are some changes with the unit. Basecamp 4’s kitchen is in two parts. The three-burner gas hob, the oven and sink are in the same unit. There’s still the pan drawer below the oven. Below the sink is a cupboard with two doors. 

The main loss is the surface space. But, Swift added a swing-up extension on the left-hand side of the kitchen to give you the space for your washing up, or food prep. Above the kitchen unit are two cupboards for food and crockery, which is the same space as the Basecamp 2 models. 

What about the fridge? That’s on the opposite side of the Basecamp 4 and it’s the same model as before. The TV point is above the fridge too.

Swift Basecamp 4 is bigger but not much heavier

The Basecamp always surprises people with its size. 

Outside, it looks compact (although not as small as a teardrop caravan). Inside, it’s spacious and roomy. It’s easy to mix the Basecamp 4 up with the Basecamp 2. There’s hardly any difference in their length. The new version has the same decals on the outside as the previous Basecamp 2 SE.

The extra length on the new, four berth version only adds 148kg to the MTPLM of the Basecamp 4. That means it’s just as easy to tow with a wide range of smaller cars, which makes it more accessible than many bigger caravans.

Ideal for young families, popular with couples

Swift Basecamp 4 storage units

The new four berth caravan is ideal for young families. However, it will probably be popular with couples too. They will enjoy the permanent dining space and not having to erect the folding table every time they eat.

That extra space and new layout gives you more flexibility. If you don’t take your children with you every time you tour, there’s less hassle with the new dining space. If you have your children with you, there’s no need for the big awning at the back of the Basecamp 4 where they used to sleep.

Sleeping arrangements

Swift Basecamp 4 lounge space

The new bed arrangement means you no longer have the option of two single beds in the front. The lounge space is narrower in the Basecamp 4, so you can only sleep across the van in the double bed. And, the double bed is long enough (198cm) for all but the tallest people.

The bunk beds are longer than expected too. At 190cm long, that’s long enough for most pre-teenage children, so you will get years of use from the Basecamp 4 if you buy it when your kids are small.

With two extra people in the Basecamp 4, Swift added another of their cargo bags which now all sit on the same side above the bunks. Everyone now has their own space for kit, as well the space under the seats.

What about the price?

The Swift Basecamp 4 SE starts at £19,480, which is £1,060 more than the Basecamp 2 SE, and just under £2,000 more than the original Basecamp. Add the Plus Pack for £715, which includes:

  • Solar panel
  • TV aerial and bracket 
  • External mains point
  • External BBQ point
  • Cold water shower point
  • External door fly screen
  • And oven with integrated grill

And, it comes to £20,195 in total. You can get many bigger caravans for the price. But, that’s not the point. The Basecamp range is a different caravan. It attracts many people who like the Basecamp because it is fun, fresh and unfussy.

More space without losing its appeal

The Basecamp 4 opens up a new, wider audience of parents who want the extra space without having to tow a big beast of a caravan behind them.

Its practical, no nonsense design delights people who want something different from mainstream caravans.

And, the Swift Basecamp 4 has all the original charm and spirit of its predecessors, just with a little more useful, well-designed space.

Basecamp 4 SE Facts and Figures

  • Berths: 4
  • Class: Single axle
  • Overall length: 5.59m
  • Internal headroom (max): 1.95m
  • MIRO: 1025kg
  • MTPLM: 1161kg
  • Payload: 136kg
  • Bed sizes
    • Front double: 198cm x 130cm
    • Bunks: 190cm x 54cm

Find out more at the Swift Basecamp website here.

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