Hymer motorhome VisionVenture

Hymer motorhome concept wins design award


Hymer, the German motorhome manufacturer, revealed a novel motorhome concept in September 2019. The Hymer motorhome, the VisonVenture, won an award from the German Design Council for its outstanding product design. 

Hymer took inspiration from the campervan community for the concept motorhome. Campervan owners have a reputation for creating DY features in their vans. And, campervan owners spend a long time converting their vehicles into customised models. 

The Hymer VisionVenture includes many innovative features, including:

  • 3D-printed features
  • A rear patio with BBQ
  • A pneumatic pop-top roof
  • Infrared-reflective paint

Hymer motorhome innovations

Hymer developed the motorhome with the help of BASF and their specialist materials. Hymer believes their concept motorhome, and its use of modern, innovative features, are the future.

The infrared-reflective paint helps regulate the internal temperature. Its striking dark green colour makes the VisionVenture distinctive. The Hymer motorhome has a novel design at the front. 

The VisionVenture’s interior design is unique. Hymer worked with designers from Studio SYN on the interior design. The new Hymer motorhome has seating next to a big panoramic window. You can turn the tailgate into a patio. The kitchenette has a special stepped design. Steps lead up to the bedroom and a private terrace in the pop-up roof.

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